burning for an idea Together

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. OneTwoHold Handels OG was founded by Nina Bernegger and Dagmar Grimus-Leitgeb, two mothers and experienced entrepreneurs who asked vital questions in search of a practical solution for a common problem which arose during the Covid-19 pandemic: How can we ensure that our friends, family, children and colleagues always have their facemasks at the ready? More importantly, how can we keep our facemasks from contaminating others?


The answer: HOLDIES - simple, stylish, practical facemask accessories for adults and children. Every aspect of design and production is managed in-house by Nina and Dagmar, two passionate creatives who in just a few short months have launched HOLDIES from the seed of an idea to a local business success story with global distribution.

HOLDIES are available in our online shop as well as in selected retail shops and pharmacies. Follow us on social media to get HOLDIE product updates. Tag us with #onetwoholdholdie to be featured!